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Do groin kicks work?

From personal experience – heck yes. There isn’t a lot protecting the pubic bone from impact. So a good swing of the leg or knee will take her down. The groin attack is a tool for your self defence, it shouldn’t be the only tool to use.

Can a guy push a girl in self defense?

No, women are not above the law when it comes to assault. If a woman assaults a man, the man has the right to use a reasonable amount of force to defend himself. Reasonable is the key here.

Why you should never kick someone in the balls?

It can leave a man in pain for weeks. It can be more painful than childbirth. It can even result in death from shock.

What hurts more giving birth or getting kicked in the privates?

So to conclude this, it can be said that pain is itself isn’t a stimulus but in real life situations, we see that nine out of ten mothers face more pain during child birth than a guy when kicked .

Does getting kicked in the balls reduce sperm count?

Testicles , although sensitive, can bounce back pretty quickly and minor injuries rarely have long-term effects. Also, sexual function or sperm production will most likely not be affected if you have a testicular injury.

Can you hit a girl legally?

You can only use force against a person in order to protect yourself from bodily harm. If you can easily back away from the danger, you must do so. So if the woman is no immediate danger to you after the first blow, you can not hit her back.

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What happens when a girl hits 3 times?

It is legal to defend yourself against her attack. However, you can use only the amount of force to stop her. If you use more, you have escalated the situation and can possibly be charged with assault.

Why do schools not allow self defense?

Generally speaking, school’s want kids to be safe, they don’t want them to get hurt, and they definitely don’t want to have kids hurting each other. Apparently, schools want to encourage & reward bullies. Can’t have bullies afraid of getting their asses beat, so they forbid self defense to protect them.

What hurts more period or getting kicked in the balls?

Getting kicked in the balls hurts a crap ton more than period pains. A shot in the nuts lasts hours to a day, but periods can last a week or even more . So basically the pain of getting hit in the balls doesn’t last as long and (hopefully) doesn’t happen as frequently as periods do.

Does it hurt a girl to get hit in the groin?

While less often depicted in media, a strike to the groin can cause pain for female victims too. The skin of the vulva and the clitoris are highly sensitive, making laceration injuries especially painful. In extreme cases, nerve damage can occur to the clitoris.

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