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M1 carbine for self defense

Is an m1 carbine good for home defense?

If you’ve got one that works, I’m sure it’s a fine choice for home – defense . If you’re just looking for a gun that is not an AR-15 — not a modern-looking rifle — that’s easy to use and easy to teach a beginner to use, I would suggest, instead of an M1 Carbine or the Mini-14, the Ruger PC Carbine .

How effective is m1 carbine?

The M1 Carbine as a round is ballistically effective . No one doubts it is better than a pistol at any but the shortest of ranges, and, unlike Marines at “Frozen Chosin,” you can use modern defensive ammo.

What is the rarest m1 carbine?

The 239 Commercial Controls M1 Carbines were assembled from leftover parts and provided to U.S. Army Ordnance in August 1945. The Commercial Controls M1 Carbines are the rarest of all manufacturers .

What caliber does a m1 carbine shoot?

The M1 Carbine was developed as a “light rifle,” chambered for . 30 pistol weight ammunition to deliver accurate semi-automatic fire from a 15- round detachable magazine fed by a gas-operated mechanism.

Can a m1 Carbine kill a deer?

Up close and with good expanding bullets the carbine will cleanly kill deer .

Is a 9mm carbine good for home defense?

Pistol-caliber carbines : they’re not pistols, but they’re not quite rifles either. Pistol-caliber carbines are a great home defense option…and they’re just plain fun.

Why are m1 carbines so expensive?

Why are new production WW2 firearms (like new M1 Garands, M1 Carbines and FG42) so expensive ? A big part of the reason is scaling. Production costs are spread over the number of weapons produced and that’s determined by anticipated sales.

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How much is a blue sky m1 carbine worth?

Carbines collectors look down on Blue Skys but they can be a perfectly functional firearm. $500 seems a bit high, but the carbine market can be volatile. A decent shooter grade Inland still in the original stock is probably a $600 to $700 item.

What is an IBM m1 carbine worth?

about $650

Are m1 garands still made?

The CMP has announced that they’re finally running low on M1 Garands . With the Obama administration prohibiting the reimport of a fairly large quantity of Garands from South Korea, it appears that there won’t be any more soon. We have, to coin a phrase, passed “peak- Garand .” If you want one, get it soon.

What is the best m1 carbine manufacturer?

I have had personal experience with a wide variety of WWII manufactured M1 Carbines and I will say that in my opinion the most consistent, the most reliable of them all was the Inland . Several others were very good also: Irwin Peterson, Underwood and Saginaw .

Is an m1 carbine considered an assault rifle?

I would encourage you to research the M1 carbine , M1A, and M1 Garand. These rifles have all been used in the US military, but none are ever mentioned in the context of an “ assault weapons” ban. AR-15 and AK-47 rifles are not functionally different from other semi-automatic rifles .

Is a 30 caliber the same as a 308?

Yep – two different measurements for same caliber . 30 Caliber Bore diameter = . 300″ but groove diameter = . 308 “.

What is the effective range of an m1 carbine?

300 yards

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Can you hunt with a 30 carbine?

30 Carbine can be an absolutely deadly round for small to medium sized game. Hunters have been cleanly hunting whitetail deer, hogs, javelina, coyotes, and foxes with the . 30 Carbine since the end of WWII.

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