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Glock 42 self defense

Is Glock 42 good for self defense?

As a concealable, personal defense . 380 that you’re likely to carry every day, the 42 is a strong addition to the Glock pantheon. No, it’s not as small as some other . 380 (with good defensive rounds) as your carry gun, the Glock 42 won’t disappoint you.

Is the Glock 42 a good carry gun?

The Glock 42 isn’t perfect. It could use an even better trigger with a lighter break. Glock could produce an extended magazine and improve capacity. But it is a reliable shooter that remains alone in its class for 380 carry by the safe and competent gun handler.

Can you pocket carry a Glock 42?

The G42 is a fair amount lighter and it should work for pocket carry , it’s a whole 6 ounces lighter than the Shield and that’s a big difference. It is not that much shorter though and I believe it’s on the larger end of the pocket pistol spectrum when compared with some of the cheaper pistols.

Can a Glock 42 shoot 9mm?

380 Pistol. Glock pistols have long been available in service, compact, sub-compact, and long slide models with high-capacity and single-stack magazines in 9mm Parabellum, .

Why is the Glock 380 illegal in US?

The Glock 25 is not available to the average American citizen. This is due to the criteria set regarding imported guns under the Gun Control Act of 1968. This gun is chambered with a . 380 caliber bullet, making it legal to use in South America and, ironically, illegal to import to civilians in the United States .

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What’s the best ammo for Glock 42?

WYO Member. I find that the Glock 42 works great with all factory ammo that I have tried, including Remington UMC , Winchester White Box , Federal Hydra Shoks and HST, Hornady Critical Defense , Custom and American Gunner, Winchester PDX1 , Speer Gold Dot , and Buffalo Bore standard pressure hard cast flat point.

What is the best pocket carry gun?

Top 5 Pocket-Carry Handguns Smith and Wesson . 380 Bodyguard. Lindi Smith. Glock 42 . YouTube. Glock is synonymous with quality, reliability, and great shooting handguns. Smith and Wesson BodyGuard 38 Revolver. Tactical Life. You can call this pocket carry gun one of the most reliable subcompact weapons out there. Sig Sauer P238 . Wikipedia. SCCY CPX . SCCY.

Is the Glock 42 single or double action?

Glock 42 Technical Specs

Barrel Length 3.25″
Weight (unloaded) .86 lbs.
Sights Glock white “cup and ball” style
Action Striker-fired single-action
External Safety Two-piece trigger safety

Whats better 380 or 9mm?

380 both have the same diameter bullet, but the 9mm casing and overall length is longer. The . 380 has less recoil so is popular with concealable handguns while the 9mm is more powerful and has more recoil. Both can be great defensive calibers if ammo is properly chosen.

What is the smallest gun Glock makes?

Glock 42

What’s better Glock 42 or 43?

Generally, the 43 is going to have a bit more recoil than the 42 . The 43 is chambered in 9mm, which – while not a warm round by most standards – can be a bit more lively in a small pistol, especially one as light as the 43 . The Glock 42 , on the other hand, will hardly be free of recoil despite being chambered in .

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Can a gun fire if dropped?

Yes.. Usually rare, but some guns are vulnerable. Single- shot guns and single+double action revolvers with a loaded chamber/aligned-cylinder dropped with the hammer back / cocked are the most likely to fire upon dropping. Single-shots and single-action often don’t have any kind of safety at all.

Can a 380 kill you?

380 ACP (the round fired by the S&W Bodyguard) is definitely capable of killing someone. 380 ACP (the round fired by the S&W Bodyguard) is definitely capable of killing someone.

Is .380 bigger than 9mm?

The . 380 Auto features the same diameter bullet as the 9mm and the same diameter case, yet it is shorter at 17mm in case length. So, when compared to the 9mm Luger, the . 380 is smaller, lighter in recoil but not as powerful when it strikes a target.

What is the smallest 9mm Glock?

Glock 26

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