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Best .44 special ammo for self defense

What is the best 44 special ammo?

Based on my limited testing here, it would seem that the Speer Gold Dot is the best choice for defensive use. The Gold Dot was accurate, showed consistent expansion and penetration, and retained most, if not all, of its bullet weight.

How powerful is a 44 special?

. 44 Special

Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy
200 gr (13 g) Semi-Wadcutter HP ¹ 870 ft/s (270 m/s) 336 ft⋅lbf (456 J)
246 gr (16 g) LRN ² 755 ft/s (230 m/s) 310 ft⋅lbf (420 J)

Is a 44 special more powerful than a 357 magnum?

Registered. 357 Magnum is superior to the 44 special in terms of more stopping power for self defense. The only reason the 357 Magnum is not a preferred cartridge to a semi-auto pistol is ammo capacity.

Will a 44 special kill a bear?

Oldtime black bear hunters say that any load that throws at least a 200-grain or bigger solid bullet at 1000 fps or more will take any bear in the woods. By that standard a good heavy-power . 44 Special or . 357 Magnum revolver for years as his bear gun.

Why is 44 Special?

The . 44 S&W Special was introduced in 1907 for use with the new S&W Triple Lock Revolver. The cartridge was created by lengthening the case on the . The original load called for a 246 grain round nose lead bullet over 26 grains of black powder, or an equivalent load of smokeless powder.

Can you hunt with a 44 special?

The 44 special is a great sixgun on deer with good flat nose bullets, either cast or jacketed. Just keep the velocity up around 950 fps or better & you ‘ll eat venison every fall.

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Why is a 44 more powerful than a 45?

45 ACP is most likely more powerful . 45ACP, and 44 Remington Magnum, the . 44 Magnum uses 3 to 4 times the powder, to give it far more Muzzle Energy, Muzzle Velocity, and range, hence more “power”.

What’s the difference between a 44 Magnum and a 44 special?

Despite the “. 44 ” designation, guns chambered for the . 44 Magnum round, and its parent, the . 44 Special , use 0.429 in (10.9 mm) diameter bullets. The . 44 Magnum is based on the . 44 Special case but lengthened and loaded to higher pressures for greater velocity (and thus, energy).

Is the 44 special a good round?

44 Special , which is a large-bore revolver round that’s a bit milder than some of the more popular revolver cartridges such as the . 357 and . 44 Magnum rounds . While it may not have the zing of a magnum, it’s a very serviceable defensive round without the punishing recoil or muzzle flash of magnum rounds .

What is more powerful a 357 or a 45?

357 Magnum cartridge is objectively more powerful on average than the . 45 ACP cartridge. 45 ACP pistol has an advantage over the . 357 Mag revolver.

How much more powerful is a 38 or 357?

38 Special has a muzzle energy of 208 foot-pounds, while the . 357 Magnum logs a muzzle energy of 539 foot pounds. The comparisons we’ve given have the same bullet sizes, making it clear that the . 357 Magnum is more powerful .

What bullets does a 357 take?

357 from fully seating into the shorter cylinder. However, a . 38 Special cartridge can fit into a . 357 Magnum revolver, as the two cartridges have the same bullet and case diameters, the rimmed cartridges both fit flush at the end of the cylinder, and the Magnum pistol’s stronger cylinder can easily handle the .

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Will a 45 kill a black bear?

45auto is good enough for BEAR . That’s because no, 9mm is not good enough for deer, and . 45 ACP will be just fine for black bear .

Will a 44 magnum kill a grizzly bear?

41 magnum revolvers. Both were against grizzly bears , both were successful and the bears were killed. 44 magnum revolvers. All were successful.

Can a 45 kill a bear?

45 caliber pistols against bears . All were successful. One was against a black bear , which was killed with additional shots, probably from another handgun. The grizzly bear was killed with one shot.

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