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5.7×28 self defense ammo

Is 5.7 x28 good for self defense?

With a proven, expanding bullet design and 340 foot pounds of energy, the 5.7x28mm sporting round is the all-around choice for hunting and personal defense .

Is the FN 5.7 good for self defense?

The FN 5.7 is a very effective weapon. It is as effective as, or arguably more effective , than any military or civilian pistols in the market.

What is the 5.7 x28 Good For?

The 5.7x28mm weighs less than the 9×19 Parabellum offering up a recoil reduction of roughly 30-percent. Reduced recoil delivers faster follow-up shots and helps improve accuracy — a bonus of law enforcement and military marksmen.

What is the best 5.7 ammo?

Best 5.7x28mm Ammo Speer Gold Dot. Speer Gold Dots are absolutely legendary in the world of defensive ammo, and are one of the most popular law-enforcement hollow points in North America. Federal American Eagle.

Does FN 5.7 stop bears?

The 5.7 x28mm caliber can penetrate that bear skull and hit the brain, but only if you’re lucky enough to hit it. That’s why for bear defense you want something with a lot of energy. The 5.7 is a seriously underwhelming pistol round.

Why is FN 5.7 so expensive?

Probably has a lot to do with design and development and the fact that no military in the world is latching on to them in great numbers to offset the cost of their civilian sales. They are very cost prohibitive guns to say the least. They are not overpriced I think but just plain expensive guns.

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Can a FN 5.7 penetrate body armor?

Most body armor will stop an FN 5.7 round. Law enforcement and military utilize a special armor piercing round that is not available to the general public.

What pistol does FBI carry?

M1911A1 Springfield Professional Custom . 45 ACP pistol. SIG Sauer P226 9 mm, 10 mm. Remington 870 12-gauge shotgun.

Which is better 45 or 9mm?

45 is better because it shoots a bigger caliber bullet, or that the 9mm is better because of its capacity. Click here if you want to learn about more handgun calibers. Both are valid points and very understandable reasons to prefer one over the other.

Can you conceal carry a Ruger 57?

One can carry the Ruger – 57 safely without the manual safety engaged if so desired or add an extra layer of security by engaging it.

Is 5.7 x28 bigger than 9mm?

Second, the 5.7×28’s shell casing isn’t substantially narrower than the 9mm’s . As the result the standard Five-seveN magazine holds only one more round than the standard Glock 17 magazine. However, the longer length of the 5.7×28 cartridge and its greater chamber pressure both demand a larger, harder to conceal pistol.

Can you hunt with a 5.7 x28?

So you certainly can hunt with one . Wood chucks, foxes, coyotes and so on would be perfect game for that shell. it would be quite similar to hunting with a 204 ruger in terms of energy(assuming 16 inch barrels). standard 5.7 loads use 40gr Vmaxes, a very common varminting/predator bullet.

How powerful is a 5.7 round?

From the P90, a 5.7 mm projectile will achieve velocities in excess of 2,000 fps and muzzle energy in excess of 340 ft-lbs, and top out close to 3,000 fps and 400 ft-lbs. From a FiveseveN pistol or a Ruger 57, velocity in a 40-gr load drops to closer to a velocity of 1600 fps and muzzle energy closer to 220 ft-lbs.

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What caliber is 5.7 x28?

Originally developed by NATO to replace the 9mm round, the 5.7×28 is a high-velocity pistol cartridge that was primarily adopted by FN for its P90 and Five-seveN personal defense weapons.

Is 5.7 A armor piercing?

Yes And No. This is a bit confusing, but the commonly referred to as “” armor piercing “ FN 5.7 SS109 ball ammunition is not actually “” armor piercing ” under Federal Law- it has a lead core and thus does not meet the legal definition.

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