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45 acp vs 10mm for self defense

Is 10mm too powerful for self defense?

Simply put, the 10mm is an excellent cartridge for any kind of defensive duties. While the most powerful 10mm ammo will kick a little more than a 9mm, it is not scary or painful to shoot. I wish I had been able to shoot the Federal HST load for this article as it seems to be the top 10mm round for self defense .

Can you shoot 10mm out of a 45?

44 S&W Special cartridge (but not vice versa). A firearm chambered in . 45 Long Colt can usually also fire a . As for the 10MM Auto, it does not, as far as I know, have a “sister” cartridge that will chamber in firearms chambered for it .

Is a 45 ACP good for bear protection?

Handguns, in general, are poor tools for stopping a bear charge. The proper device is a big-bore dangerous game rifle chambered in . 375H&H, on up. 45 ACP when used against a large, well-built critter such as a bear .

Can a 10mm stop a bear?

Cartridges designed for defense against human predators do not. The 10mm auto with the best 220-grain hard-cast bullet has a pathetic 703 foot-pounds of energy. Another guy in New Mexico failed to stop a black bear quickly enough with his 10mm , even with multiple hits.

Why did the FBI stop using 10mm?

Although it was selected for service by the Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI ) in 1989 from the aftermath of the 1986 FBI Miami shootout, the cartridge was later decommissioned (except by the Hostage Rescue Team and Special Weapons and Tactics Teams) after their Firearms Training Unit eventually concluded that its

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What has more stopping power .45 or 10mm?

Stopping Power 45 and the high velocity, low weight of the 10mm both make for powerful shots. If you’re looking for speed, 10mm will have you covered. The 10mm has a faster velocity and energy than the . 45ACP.

Can a 40sw shoot 10mm?

No, you can ‘t shoot 10mm out of a gun chambered for 10mm .

Is 10mm a good carry gun?

However, the 10mm cartridge is a solid choice as a bear gun and even as a self-defense round. Whether you’re looking for a concealed carry gun with above average firepower or something for the brush, you’re sure to find something you like on this list.

Is a 10mm bigger than a 40 caliber?

Let’s start with the basics: 10mm is the metric equivalent for . 40 caliber , or 10 millimeters equals . 40 of an inch. Therefore, both bullets are the same diameter.

Will a .45 kill a bear?

45 caliber pistols against bears . All were successful. One was against a black bear , which was killed with additional shots, probably from another handgun. The grizzly bear was killed with one shot.

How much does a 45 ACP drop at 100 yards?

That makes your 45 ACP pistols zero’d at better than 75 yards . That’s about a 6″ drop at 100 yards which is about what you indicate.

Which is better 45 ACP or 10mm?

45 ACP is an outstanding choice for self-defense. 45 ACP rounds also makes the cartridge a better choice than the 10mm for general plinking. On the other hand, the 10mm Auto is the clear winner if you want to hunt with a handgun. It shoots a lighter bullet at a much faster muzzle velocity than the .

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Which is stronger 44 mag or 10mm?

10mm vs 44 Magnum Energy It’s known for outstanding power; one of the cartridge we looked at had a listed muzzle energy over 1,200 ft-lbs! Again, the 10mm Auto is no weakling; it’s used to drop many of the largest and most dangerous animals on the planet. But the . 44 Magnum remains the more – powerful of the two.

Is a 10mm more powerful than a 357 magnum?

10mm vs. The . 357 Magnum is a powerful cartridge, but in this case it takes a narrow 2nd place to the 10mm Auto. 10mm generally packs higher muzzle energies thanks in large part to the larger bullets. Even with similar bullets, however, it appears the 10mm does slightly better .

Why is 10mm not popular?

357 Magnum with all the advantages and disadvantages of an autoloader. As to why the 10mm hasn’t caught on, it’s probably because it was pretty much DOA as a LE calibre, and most of the ” popular ” calibres like the 9×19, . 40 S&W, . 45 ACP have a strong LE/military presence.

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