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357 self defense ammo

Is .357 the best ammo for self defense?

A . 357 Magnum revolver makes an excellent choice for home defense . The . 357 Magnum ammo provides reliable accuracy with adequate stopping power.

Is a 357 magnum good for home defense?

357 Magnum really isn’t good for self defense , and especially home defense , because it is very flashy, has a lot of recoil, and a LOT of noise indoors at night.

What ammo can you shoot out of a 357?

357 magnum , a . 38 special round can be safely fired in a . 357 magnum revolver or lever gun.

What is the best ammo for a 357 magnum?

Best . 357 Magnum Training Rounds Remington .38 Special 158 Grain LRN. Sellier & Bellot .38 Special 148 Grain WC. Best .357 Mag Home/Self-Defense Ammo. Blazer Brass .357 Magnum 158 Grain JHP. Remington Golden Saber .357 Magnum 125 Grain JHP. Remington HTP .38 Special+P 110 Grain SJHP. Best .38 Spl Home/Self-Defense Ammo.

What has more power 357 or 45?

357 Magnum cartridge is objectively more powerful on average than the . 45 ACP cartridge. 45 ACP pistol has an advantage over the . 357 Mag revolver.

Why is .357 ammo so expensive?

357 Sig cartridge is a niche cartridge, with a special cache, because it delivers near . 357 Magnum ballistics in a shorter package. People who shoot it know they are shooting something special, so they are often willing to pay the premium for the premium cartridge. 357 Magnum ballistics in a shorter package.

Is 9mm or 357 more powerful?

Both of these cartridges give you excellent performance, but if you want greater power and speed, choose the . 357 Magnum. If you want an affordable cartridge with less recoil and higher load counts, the 9mm Luger is probably the best choice. Either cartridge is capable of reliable self defense.

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Is there a difference between 357 and 357 magnum?

Energy Comparison : 357 Mag and 357 Sig 357 Magnum often comes with larger projectiles, which would give it an advantage for muzzle energy. 357 SIG. The larger Magnum cartridge has lower speeds but a muzzle energy of 539 foot-pounds, while the . 357 SIG, a faster cartridge, has only 506 foot-pounds of muzzle energy.

Will a 357 kill a bear?

For a bear cartridge anything equal to or more powerful than a . 41 Magnum or . 44 Magnum will be fine. 357 Magnum or other similar-caliber load, a well-placed shot with a good bullet will certainly kill a bear , but it’s not recommended.

Why is a 357 magnum so powerful?

357 Magnum long-gun brings this cartridge into a whole other realm. The longer barrel boosts the bullet’s velocity by a substantial amount over the shorter barrels found on handguns. This allows a shooter or hunter to carry a compact rifle and a handgun which share common ammunition.

What is the point of 357 sig?

Developed in 1994, the new cartridge was named ” 357 ” to highlight its purpose : to duplicate the performance of 125-grain (8.1 g) . 357 Magnum loads fired from 4-inch (100 mm)-barreled revolvers, in a cartridge designed to be used in a semi-automatic pistol with greater ammunition capacity than a revolver.

Are 9mm and 357 the same?

357 , . 380 auto and 9mm ammunition are all the same caliber. (Caliber is the size of the projectile, or bullet.) The different names are for marketing reasons or because of where the cartridge was developed.

Is .357 Magnum ammo expensive?

Yet when it comes down to it, cheap 38spl is $15 a box, and cheap 357 magnum is around $20 a box. The nicer stuff runs $20/$25 all the while 9mm is $10/50 all day long. I can see why stuff like 10mm is expensive – not many people buy it. However 38/ 357 has to be one of the most popular calibers out there.

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