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Why Do They Stomp In Taekwondo Do San?

What does San Taekwondo mean?

Back to Patterns. Meaning: DoSan is the pseudonym of the patriot Ahn Chang-Ho (1876 -1938) The 24 movements represent his entire life which he devoted to furthering the education of Korea and its independence movement.

Do it Taekwondo Do ITF?

DoSan is an ITF-style teul (form). It has 24 movements and is diagrammed as a capital A. Ahn Chang-ho (November 9, 1878 – March 10, 1938) was a Korean independence activist and one of the early leaders of the Korean-American immigrant community in the United States.

What does dosan mean?

Meaning of Pattern: Do San is the pseudonym for the patriot Ahn Chango-Ho (1876 to 1938). The 24 movements in this pattern represent his entire life, which he devoted to furthering the education of Korea and it’s independence movement.

How many patterns are there in Taekwondo?

There are 24 patterns in the official ITF syllabus; this is symbolic of the 24 hours in a day. One additional pattern, Ko-Dang (or Go-Dang), was retired/replaced by Juche in 1986 by General Choi Hong Hi.

What are the Taekwondo patterns?

ITF Taekwondo Patterns

  • ITF Pattern 1 – Chon-Ji.
  • ITF Pattern 2 – Dan-Gun.
  • ITF Pattern 3 – Do-San.
  • ITF Pattern 4 – Won-Hyo.
  • ITF Pattern 5 – Yul-Gok.
  • ITF Pattern 6 – Joong-Gun.
  • ITF Pattern 7 – Toi-Gye.
  • ITF Pattern 8 – Hwa-Rang.

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