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Krav Mindset

Krav Mindset


So glad to be back at Krav Maga class.  This week we learned some more advanced skills.

1 – Learned how to take a gun away from someone when it is pointing at you from the front.
2 – Learned how to get out of a headlock and place a well deserved groin strike while driving the offender to the ground
3 – Learned how to distract with a left jab and follow it up turning around with a hammerfist

Krav Maga not only gives you a very intense cardio workout, it really trains you to focus, look in all directions at the same time and push yourself past the point of when you are tired.  The adrenaline drills at the end of class occur just when you think you can’t take any more.

Frequently I will be out grocery shopping or something after a long 12 hour work day and what pops into my head is, “you know, as tired as you are right now, you could defend yourself and get away if someone were to attack you.”  That is a great feeling.   I truly believe that what you believe in, is what you will do.  If you think you can escape and you train for it and you know that there is that potential out there, your chances of surviving are much better.  Krav teaches you to be aware.  Being aware means not talking on your phone and looking down when you walk in public areas.

When I am going thru the drills with my partner, I know that if I take my mind off of what she is doing for one split second and look away, I could be recipient of a unintentional jab.  No matter how tired I am, i have to focus on her during blocking drills and punching drills.

Someone once asked a police officer which would be more difficult to deal with,  a person trained in martial arts or a druggie gone crazy.  The answer was a druggie gone crazy.   Krav teaches us to defend ourselves with intensity, quickness and surprise.  I may not be the strongest or the biggest, but I’ll work hard to be the quickest and defend with surprise and intensity.

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